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The soulful voice of MUSZETTE has a sound all her own that dances between electronic pop and energetic rock. The inspiring anthems of MUSZETTE'S debut EP “Big Mood” caught the attention of global media outlets and brands who have since amplified the singer's music on notable shows such as Queer Eye, Love Island, Selling Sunset, NCIS, and ads for Samsung, KIA, Dunkin Donuts, and more. When MUSZETTE's single "Gonna Rise Up" soundtracked promotions and ads played during the Olympics and World Cup, her motivational bangers were brought to prime time. You also may already know MUSZETTE from her soaring vocals on "Higher," which climbed the dance charts with over 12,000+ daily streams. 

LA-based artist MUSZETTE is revealing her most unapologetic self yet. Musically she has been compared to Bishop Briggs with themes resembling that of LIZZO, while her sound is perhaps best described as a feeling rather than a genre. Empowerment is at the heartbeat of the MUSZETTE narrative as recognized by her alignment with female run and LGBTQIA+ foundations. 

The singer debuted one of her most recent singles "White Lies" on the 2023 SXSW first ever award-winning virtual stage on in association w/ YOOM and Active Theory.  She was also a finalist in the Unsigned Only 2023 competition for Best Vocal Performance. 

This urban creative’s fiery persona draws from her time spent in NYC and London while her ability to inspire comes from being raised by an independent single mom who encouraged her to chase her wildest dreams. It is this conviction that drives her to make music promoting fearless self-love, reminding her listeners that you are the master of your own destiny.

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